Self Help – The Connection It Has with Hair Loss One of the common things that men go through is the loss of hair. Another thing that men have in common is the act of self helping. It’s perfectly normal to go through self act because it basically accomplishes the same thing you want when you have a sexual activity with someone you consider to be a partner. With this, you will find no solid connection between how men develop hair loss in relation to how often they do self helping acts. This supposed connection is now basically considered to be a myth given the premises that it doesn’t have a factual basis after the freedom of discussion regarding the matter which was allowed by the liberal age we now live in. But you should also know that there are researches that are saying that one of the causes of hair loss is related to tendency of DHT, a by-product of the testosterone produced by the male body increasing the hair loss rate. You should know that DHT is just a shortcut for dihydrotestosterone, and because of the fact that they function in terms of sexual activities, they are now considered to be one of the prime reasons for premature hair loss and this is something that is being studied in researches that are currently being conducted. Under normal circumstances, the DHT in a man’s body would not be high but it could increase when a man ejaculates more often. When the level of your DHT is at a higher level than normal, you should know that there are side effects related to it. One of the reasons why DHT affects hair loss is because there are more DHT that can be found in close proximity with the hair roots of a man.
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Because of this, you should learn how you would be able to lessen the amount of DHT that your body produces. This means that both from self help act and sexual intercourse, ejaculation frequency reduction is an obvious means for you to be able to get the task accomplished.Of course, there isn’t actually an easy way of doing this. Normally, abstaining from the act of self help and intercourse would even make you feel some pain.
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You may be able to control other things easier. Lessening your consumption of red meat would help. It would be ideal to eat food without DHT production side effects. Try eating more fruits and vegetables. Lastly, check out some shampoos that can help get rid of DHT from your scalp. You will be better off by combining these two methods.

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