[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Hello my friends, and welcome back to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. My name is Evan Transue, aka Detective Ev. I will be your host for today’s show as we continue our series where we are doing a multiple part episode for our 200th Episode Special. So, I won’t be doing much hosting again.


What we did for our 200th episode is we compiled the best advice from every single guest and put it into one very long episode that needed to be broken down into multiple parts. You might be saying, how could you possibly get the best advice from every single guest? Were you tracking it the entire time? Well, no, we can do you one better.

Our final question, as you may know on the show, is if you could get every single person in the world

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At Life Fitness, product improvement and innovation are achieved with the exerciser and industrial fitness facility in thoughts. Our mission is to supply solutions that get the world shifting and help people lead active and healthy lives.

we’re at the moment making ready a documentary film about yoga for worldwide distribution. We are looking for a scene from a Bollywood film, outdated or current, which depicts a tune and dance number by which we acknowledge some of the yoga actions. May you please gide us to the fitting movie? We will then get in contact with the producers to accumulate the rights.

I contacted Fitbit, who’re saying the unique buy is out of guarantee but they are going to change with the identical model, but is not going to refund. They do not have enough faith in their own product to present a warranty on the brand new replacement fitbit …

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[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Hello my friends. Welcome back to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. My name is Evan Transue, aka Detective Ev. I will be your host for today’s show. This is going to be a good episode. We are on the 200th episode of the show. I’m sure you could tell that by the title, but it’s still amazing to me that we’ve been doing this for a couple of years.


We’ve interviewed so many people. I mean, a lot of those episodes are interviews. They’re not just short episodes that I did. It’s kind of incredible looking back and just realizing all the amazing people that we’ve talked to. Then the fact that we are not slowing down anytime soon. There is well over 200 more to go, that’s for sure. So, in a sense, we’re just getting this show started,

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Hello to my inspiring community,

2022 – you were certainly a biggie… but we made it!

Well done on everything you have managed to achieve and complete in 2022.

There is no doubt many of us found 2022 to be a heavier, more challenging year – the hangover from the pandemic was real and exhausting for so many. The change in pace and mentally adjusting to the world again was a lot. If you experienced this, it’s even more of a reminder to be gentle and kind with yourself.

Perhaps you had an amazing year – and that makes me happy! I’m sure whatever 2022 was like for each of us, we can look to the lesions we found in it.

Know that I am sending you all my love and am so grateful to have been on the journey of these last 12 months together as a strong

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Thank you so much for making our day—so many of you emailed us to tell us you love and would never guess you were actually getting your veggie servings in our Skinny Green Smoothie, our Avocado and Apple Green Smoothie, and our Kale Recharge Smoothie and we can’t wait for you to try this to feel the same way! 🙂


If you’re looking for an easy healthy snack recipe or weight loss smoothie recipe, look no further than this antioxidant-packed, anti-inflammatory recipe. It requires little meal prep and is an easy way to sneak vegetables in first thing in the morning if you make a green breakfast smoothie.

And if you struggle to get your veggies in, this is the easiest, most delicious way to make that challenge obsolete– and you can enjoy it at breakfast to really start your day off right! 

This morning boost is packed

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As registered dietitians, one of our most popular requests is for healthy, easy weeknight dinner recipes for weight loss. After a long day, no one wants to waste hours on meal prep, yet they also don’t want to sabotage the effort they put into their workout routine and try to get a flat belly– we get it!

That’s why we’re sharing these simple, healthy dinner ideas that are ideal for and fit perfectly in any weight loss meal plan!

These 4 weight loss dinner recipes are quick to make, healthy and require only a little easy meal prep. If you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas, here’s a healthy Mexican recipe, a healthy Chinese take-out recipe, a easy salmon recipe and more.

Easy and delicious dinner recipes to keep your will strong!

1. Wild Blueberry Chicken Burgers

While most burgers aren’t great choices when you want to lose body fat, these

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If you’re wondering which are the best leafy greens for your health and waistline, you’d be surprised to know that as registered dietitians, we believe the best leafy green is the one you like most, although we do have 5 leafy greens that are at the top of our list.

The dark leafy green you like best is the one you’ll eat, so that makes it best for you because you’ll reap all benefits of leafy greens including their anti-inflammatory, disease-preventing benefits, as well as take advantage of their low-calorie, fiber, and water for weight loss. However, if you’ll eat any and all dark leafy greens, the five we have at the top of our list are these below.

5 Best Leafy Greens:

1. Dandelion Greens

One of the reasons that these greens are so powerful is that they help increase bile flow, breaking down fats, easing digestion, and

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Fitness SitesNootropics are dietary supplements that are primarily used to assist with cognition enhancement, rising memory and even sometimes repairing damage. Have you been making an attempt to enhance your physique however without any result? Probably, it’s chance that you simply enlist a health coach. Private trainer Silver Spring MD will help you meet your objectives so far as weight reduction, high quality constructing, or body conditioning. At current, numerous exercise centers growing like mushrooms in a single metropolis, any buff man or woman can flip right into a wellness coach. But, it does not indicate that the mentors are perfect for the employment. All together for somebody specifically to be seen as a wellness coach, he must be this stuff: A health coach ought to be appropriately assured by way of a good wellness preparing affiliation. To finish the range, the Reebok TrainToneSlimm offers the muscle toning advantages of the …

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If you’ve ever wondered what the best daily routine to lose weight is, as registered dietitians and weight loss experts we’re sharing the habits we’ve found to be especially helpful for not just shedding belly fat, but for keeping it off as well.

These habits are science-backed and what’s encouraging is that you don’t have to follow a daily routine to a tee, instead incorporate these habits in your own routine to reap the lasting weight loss rewards. The best parts of your daily weight loss routine begin in the morning.

How can I immediately jumpstart my metabolism when I wake up (for lasting weight loss)?

Drink 16-24 ounces of water immediately upon waking. While we have nothing against coffee and appreciate that coffee provides health benefits, it doesn’t ultimately make you less tired as you may think, rather a daily habit masks sleepiness, and over time may interfere

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[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. My name is Evan Transue, aka Detective Ev. I will be your host for today’s show on analyzing results for food sensitivity testing. We are continuing our series where we go over live lab results.

Today will be a little quicker and I will be by myself. I do believe that you can probably get about 80% to 90% of what you should get out of this if you’re just listening on audio. However, if you have the ability, I recommend watching it on YouTube as well.

You know, it’s tough. The vast majority of our viewership and listenership, if you’ll call it that, is on audio. We were really late to the YouTube game. We probably should have done it a little earlier. It is what it is.

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