Lung health is often a problem that is often forgotten until breathing problems occur. In fact, the lungs are the main organs in the respiratory system and help supply oxygen to the capillaries so that the blood can flow with oxygen.

The lungs are also the most active organs in the body. Some ingredients can cause damage to the respiratory tract and affect lung function. Furthermore, this can lead to lung disease.

The presence of problems in the respiratory tract can lead to many diseases. These include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, and many other problems.

A number of lung problems can cause respiratory failure and even worsen your COVID-19 infection. Reporting from The Health Site, here are a number of simple ways to nourish the lungs.

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals that can injure the body. Smoking can …

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For those of you who are looking for the nearest professional dentist, it is very important for you to make observations before you decide to continue treatment at the doctor and dental clinic.

It is important to distinguish a professional dentist

For those of you who are choosing a dental clinic to do dental treatment, make sure you know how qualified the doctor will treat you. The quality of this doctor is the core of the dental clinic business, therefore, if the doctor is not a professional you will be at a loss.

For those of you who want to find a quality dentist, here are some things that you can use as a benchmark for assessment.

Care about your comfort

The most important thing that differentiates a professional dentist from a non-professional dentist is his concern for your comfort. A dentist is a health care worker, this procedure related …

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Clear Aligner Therapy - Lemala Dental | dental group

Everyone wants to impress the world around with their bright smile. But sometimes it seems impossible when the teeth condition leaves much to be desired and causes a huge scope of appearance complexes. Fortunately, dental technologies have made a lot of progress and are now capable of providing any person with the opportunity to get a perfect smile. High-quality effective aligners are coming for help to those who still struggle with dental issues. eXceed makes the costly process of aligners implementation available and quick. Visit the eXceed website to get more information about the innovative approach without limiting factors –

Innovative Approach to Aligner Manufacturing

Aligners have been recognized as an effective solution to many dental problems not that long ago. At first, this technology was accepted with skepticism but the constant development of technological advances contributed to its prominence. Aligner manufacturing has come a long way to …

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Online Review Trends in 2020: 5 Major Things to Expect - SpotOn

Online reviews entail the reviews of a product or service written by a customer who purchased or engaged them. In simpler terms, reviews are feedbacks written by customers based on their experience with a particular company’s product or service. 

Since most businesses have gone into the digital space or online platforms, online reviews about their services also help boost sales and ensure maximum visibility for the company. Just as these online reviews go a long way to help the companies that are getting reviewed, you do a customer, or potential customers also stand a lot to gain from the reviews.

For instance, if you wish to purchase tech products online, you need to get advice before buying tech products from different online companies. The reason is that some of these products may not be functioning properly. Hence, customers’ reviews about them will help you gain insights into the type of …

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When entering the third trimester, complaints of pregnant women who often appear is pain in the gut. Often occurs after eating, heartburn during pregnancy accompanied by a burning sensation. The increase in the hormone progesterone also plays a role in triggering this.

7 Keluhan Ibu Hamil yang Paling Umum Terjadi, Ini Cara Mengatasinya

Heartburn during pregnancy is more prone to occur during the third trimester because the developing fetus begins to compress the stomach. Although susceptible to occur, it does not mean heartburn during pregnancy cannot be prevented.

The cause of heartburn hurts during pregnancy

The general term heartburn during pregnancy is heartburn, which is when a burning sensation appears behind the breast and rises to the esophagus. This happens because the valve between the stomach and the esophagus is somewhat loose, so that stomach acid rises to the esophagus.

Besides heartburn, usually heartburn is also accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Feel bloated
  • Lots of burps
  • Feeling bitter in the
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