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Care of the Eyes through Optometry The eye is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. This coupled with the fact that it serves an important function makes it important to take care of it at all times. It is possible to take care of the eye medically even though the best way is to ensure that you personally take care of your eyes. The field of health that deals with diagnosing the eye for infections, management of such infections and general eye care is called optometry. Different issues related to the eye can be well handled by optometrists. One of the services is primary care provision. The second service they provide is diagnosis for diseases. They achieve this by being well equipped with skills for treating eye diseases and infections. Thirdly, optometrists are able to provide necessary information to people on proper management of the eye and care to be taken in handling eyes. In this way they can also be called public health providers. In the olden times, optometrists had one function which was the correction of refractive errors of the eye. This they would mainly correct using spectacles. In the modern world, the field has expanded to cover other areas of defect to the eye such as parallax, infection of the iris among others. The practice of optometry in the United States is common and widespread. States such as Idaho have many optometrists who function mainly as primary eye care providers.
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There several services provided by optometrists in Idaho. First of all, cities such as Boise in Idaho have optometrists who provide examination services for residents of the state. Diseases can be identified during eye examination hence making it easy to treat them. Examination can help identify possibility of there being a disease such as glaucoma. Optometrists in Idaho usually can detect such diseases though they may not be able to offer treatment for all of them. Such situations call for referrals to other professionals.
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Provision of contact lenses also falls in the range of services offered by optometrists. They have expertise to prescribe the best contact lenses for various defects. What was found during diagnosis guides this process. Surgical operations can also be carried out by optometrists subject to further training. Optometry in the United States of America is regulated by boards within different states. One is issued with a practicing license after complying with all qualifications that have been stated in the board’s rules and regulations especially academic qualifications. The license allows the optometrists to practice mainly within the boundaries of the United States and to carry out specific indicated functions. Primary eye care providers in the United States are allowed to offer eye services including eye care using oral medication as well as offering of topical drugs. It is possible for the optometrist to widen his or her professional scope after getting higher education within the same field.