Health Coach Pricing + Growing Your Wellness Practice

Ahhh…health coach pricing – it’s an important topic, and one we’re excited to jump into today. 

If you’ve landed here, chances are we owe you a congratulations! 

Whether you’ve just decided to pursue a new career, or you’ve already completed a health coaching program – it’s an exciting time.
Wahoooo! 🥳️

And naturally, one of the next big questions is about health coach pricing. After all, in order to change lives & run a sustainable business, you have to charge for your services, and you want to be sure you’re charging the right amount! 

But the truth is…most new health coaches feel unsure on the topic of health coach pricing. 

So, today we’re diving in head first to hash this out. 

Come on in!

Health Coach Pricing: Services & Programs.

First things first…you can’t get clear about health coach pricing until you know what exactly you’ll be selling!

There are lots of options here, but some questions to ask include:

  • Are you planning to offer single sessions? 
  • Packages of sessions? 
  • Do you want to offer a high-ticket wellness program (e.g. “signature program”)? 

For graduates of our FDN certification program, we typically recommend developing a “signature program” where you are selling a specific transformation that your client can expect by taking your program.

What do we mean by “selling a transformation?”

We mean that you develop a program that is geared towards helping a very certain demographic of people with one main problem. For example, thyroid issues, weight loss, fertility issues…the options are endless. 

The truth is, your wellness program will help people with a whole lot more than the main issue you choose, but with respect to marketing, it’s MUCH easier to sell a program that offers a specific solution. 

Now, of course you cannot guarantee specific results, but you can share strong testimonials that show how your signature program has worked for other clients. 

If you decide to offer single sessions, we usually recommend offering a 90-minute strategy session where clients can see what it’s like to work with you & get their most urgent concerns addressed. 

The last thing we’ll say on this front is that more is not always better! Focus on one single health coaching program at a time! Having too many offers is not going to help you grow a profitable wellness practice.

Health Coach Pricing & Your Wellness Practice.

A critical piece of health coach pricing is making sure your packages & programs are packed with value!

Here is a list of things that will increase the value of your offers: 

1. “Live” sessions.

A very common business model that we see work well is creating a signature program that combines pre-recorded videos & “live” weekly sessions. 

It’s a smart way to structure your offers because chances are you deliver the same material over-and-over to clients, and some of it can be recorded & reused each time! 

However, “live” access to you is going to benefit your health coach pricing strategy because people value the chance to ask questions & get personal support. 

2. More access to you.

Speaking of “live” support, there are many kinds that you can choose to offer, and each one is going to provide your clients with a great sense of encouragement and true support – the kind of support that’s going to lead to higher client outcomes and greater earnings for you. 

This type of support can look like:

  • Voice messaging (e.g. voxer)
  • Email support 
  • Direct Messaging
  • Group calls
  • Q&A calls

3. Health Coach Pricing & Functional testing. 

Now this is a BIG one when it comes to being able to charge higher prices, and it all depends on whether or not you have the proper training to offer testing & analysis.  

Graduates of our FDN Certification Course not only provide coaching support, they can also order functional testing, provide analysis of test results & develop customized protocols that get to the root of the issue. 

Keep in mind that most health coaching programs don’t train you in this area OR provide access to order labs without working under a licensed practitioner or physician. 

Sooo, if you’re looking to increase your health coach pricing & stand out in the sea of other online health coaches, definitely consider stepping up your game with the FDN certification course, which can be completed online in just 6-12 months.

Note: Even if you’ve already completed another health coaching program, you can add the FDN certification to your toolbox & start charging more! 

4. Social proof from previous clients. 

Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes for a minute…

You’re scouring the internet for someone who can help navigate your health issues, and at the end of the day you just want someone you can relate to. You come across a couple of health coaches that seem to fit the bill, but one has a testimonial page and the other one doesn’t. 

Which health coach or practitioner are you likely to go with?? 

Probably the one with the amazing testimonials!

In fact, 95% of people check out online reviews before committing to a purchase.1 

But what if you’re just starting out? 

Here’s the beauty of testimonials – you only need one to start, and you can even use your own healing journey to showcase what you’re capable of doing. 

The FDN Certification Course provides you with the opportunity to run functional tests on yourself which turns you into a great case study right away 😉 

Learning firsthand is really the best way and gives you the real world confidence you need to start helping others in the same way. 

5. Value add-ons 

Another aspect of health coach pricing is add-ons. There are so many creative ways to add value to your services or programs. 

Here are some things to think about: 

  • Include a community for group support on Circle (or Facebook)
  • Provide access to customizable meal plans
  • Offer a discount on high-quality supplements 

These are just a few ideas. Play around with the health coach pricing & strategies that work for you & your unique business goals.  

Health Coaching Pricing for Your Wellness Practice. 

Now that you know how to increase the value of your offers, the question remains – what amount do you charge? 💰

It’s easy to let self-doubt & imposter syndrome creep in here: 

“Am I really doing enough to be charging this much?”
“Am I going to scare people away with these rates?”
“Am I charging enough?” 

But stay focused on the value you provide (like we just talked about) + a little pricing strategy. Focusing on the fact that you’re changing lives & delivering REAL results will help you stave off any unwanted self-doubt. 

When it comes down to setting prices, here are some recommendations: 

  1. Shop The Market – what are other people charging for similar services? 
  2. Use a “Secret Hourly Rate” – figure out how many hours of your time is spent on each given program or service, and what hourly amount feels fair to you. But keep in mind, you can still charge a flat program or package fee and keep this hourly calculation to yourself!
  3. Always Add Padding – don’t forget you’re going to be paying a good chunk of change for taxes, and there will always be unexpected business costs that come up, so add some padding!
  4. Adjust Often – As you continue to build experience, collect testimonials & gain confidence, you will want to increase your rates accordingly. We recommend evaluating your prices every 6 months. 

Nailing Your Health Coach Pricing = More Freedom for You!

The ultimate goal for most coaches & practitioners is to build a truly sustainable wellness practice or health coaching business. 

What do we mean by “sustainable”? 

We mean a profitable business that provides you with the lifestyle you want, while also providing high value for your clients. 

The most profitable & sustainable wellness practices seem to have one thing in common – they focus on a high-value / high-ticket program that delivers results. 

So keep this in mind as you’re thinking through your offer strategy & pricing. 

For example, if you want to move away from offering hourly sessions, then price your single sessions much higher. Make them look less appealing compared to the value offered in your signature program! This will make it a “no-brainer” decision for people to choose the 3-month program, which you know will deliver better results than single sessions anyway!

Better client results = the ability to charge more = a more sustainable wellness practice. 

Health Coach Pricing & The Expertise to Charge More!

If you’re a health coach looking to increase your value (+ pricing!), we’d love to chat with you about how the FDN certification course can help you charge more. 

In just 6-12 months you could be trained in how to use functional testing to get better results for your clients, without the need for ordering tests through a licensed practitioner.

Yes, you heard that right – our graduates get access to ordering functional testing through our Medical Director Program, and are able to run highly-profitable independent wellness practices!

In fact, many of our graduates completed other health coaching programs first, and then decided to come to FDN to gain the skills they needed to charge more!



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