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Eating healthy comes a little bit easier for some people who enjoy the taste of foods that are classified in this type of food. But for most people, it is quite an ordeal to eat clean. If you ask someone who belongs to the latter category, then you will be able to relate to this particular Golden Retriever dog in a video that has recently been shared on Instagram. The video shows two Golden Retriever dog best friends who can be seen trying some healthy food like fruits and vegetables in it. The most hilarious and interesting part of this dog video is that one of the dogs seems to enjoy these healthy foods while the other one has quite a tough time trying to even pretend to enjoy it!

The video has been shared on Instagram with the caption that gives viewers more context as to what can be seen happening in this cute dog video. “Food review with Golden Retriever besties – thief edition,” it reads. The caption to this adorable Golden Retriever dog video comes with a bunch of hashtags as well. They read #foodie, #funny, #dogsofinstagram, #doggo, #goldenretriever and #bestie.

Watch the video right here:

Posted on August 13, this video has almost 500 likes on it so far.

“I’m bummed the video didn’t have sound but I still enjoyed watching these two, they are completely opposite but also similar,” commented an Instagram user. “2/3 of our goldens will eat broccoli,” confessed another. “This is hysterical – my dog ​​adores food but HATES any vegetable or fruit. He even spits out carrots! Once he ate a bite of zucchini but only because it was sautéed in butter,” shared a third.

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