Practical Tips for Keeping Your Horse Safe

In many respects, horse ownership is a fulltime job in and of itself. Compared to other house pets and farm animals, horses require a considerable amount of attention. Furthermore, since these animals live for several decades, it’s imperative that prospective horse owners be willing to commit. In addition to staying on top of feeding and grooming, you’ll need to take measures to keep your horse safe from harmful elements. New and prospective owners looking for effective ways to keep their horses safe should heed the following tips.


Keep Stables and Barns Locked

When you live in a quiet, secluded area, it’s easy to take security for granted. This is why a fair number of horse owners display a lax attitude about locking stables and barns. Not only does this increase the likelihood of escaped horses, it also makes it much easier for thieves to make off with your animals. Additionally, if your horse escapes, you’re liable to be held responsible for any damage it causes – which is one of the many reasons it pays to have good equine liability insurance. Locking stables and barns requires minimal effort on your part and can ultimately save you a substantial sum of money.

Microchip Your Horse

There are two benefits to microchipping your horse. For starters, it deters thieves, as it makes horses much more difficult to sell. Secondly, a microchip ensures that your horse can be identified if it runs away. A horse is not a small emotional or financial investment, and having this added layer of security can provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Invest in a Security System

If horse theft is a problem in your area, a security system for your barn or stable represents a wise investment. State-of-the-art security systems are highly recommended for ranches and farms that house multiple horses. In addition to catching thieves in the act, a good security system will ensure that local law enforcement is alerted the instant an unauthorized party sets foot on your property.

Horse ownership is not something that should be approached lightly. If you lack the time, energy or financial resources to give a horse the care it requires, it may be in your best interest to reconsider. However, those who are up to the challenge are likely to find owning a horse to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In order to protect your horse from a broad assortment of dangers, remember to put the previously discussed pointers to good use.


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