Keeping Children’s Health Every Day

Children are more susceptible to illness than their parents. One reason is the lack of understanding in children to maintain their health. For example a child still feels comfortable playing with friends or sick brother. A child still likes to drink ice even when he is not healthy. Therefore, as a parent, we must be very clever to maintain the health of the baby so as not easily attacked by the disease. To maintain the child’s health is actually not difficult (compared to taking care when he was sick). There are 7 simple steps we can take to keep your child strong against disease. Here are easy steps (almost anyone can do it) to maintain your baby’s health.

Enough Nutritious Food

Nutritious food does not have to be expensive. Rice plus fresh vegetables (not yesterday’s vegetables or heated vegetables) is considered a nutritious food. Get used to your baby like to eat vegetables to keep his body healthy. Various vegetables are able to provide vitamins, and various substances that are good and needed by the body.

Get Rid of Eating Fruit

Almost all types of fruit have a good nutritional value for children. The fruits do not have to be expensive. Bananas, oranges, apples are very good for children’s health. When children are less likely to eat fruit than serve the fruit in the form of juice. If you do not have a tool to make juice, then just grate the fruit and take water (sari) it only. As a note of easily chewed fruit such as sliced and papaya can be given directly, while oranges should be squeezed.

Enough rest

A child still has to have naps and nights. Familiarize daytime sleep at least 1 hour and night at least 8 hours. With sufficient rest time, the body can re-repair itself and fight all diseases that enter the body. Children who sleep less is usually easy to fuss and also easy to get sick.

Honey for Children

Benefits of honey as a natural remedy to maintain health has been proven. Provision of honey on a regular basis to children will make children healthier and resistant to disease attacks.

Clean the Little Room

Periodically clean the child’s room. Change the bed sheets and pillowcases at least once a week and clean the room from useless objects. Sweep the floor twice a day and the mop 2 times a week. Thus the rooms in the small are kept clean and certainly comfortable.

Make the Least Happy

Constantly locking up your little one at home (even with a variety of toys) will make him bored. Encourage in small out-of-home streets to keep his heart happy. Fun children do not have to spend expensive, take a motorcycle to the crowd or riding a bunny rabbit will make his heart flowery. A happy mind indirectly will also make your child healthier.

Do not Protect Continue

Letting a child play in the soil or water will make his body ‘recognizes’ various germs, viruses, or bacteria. From that recognition the body is finally able to produce antibodies against the germs, viruses, or bacteria. Thus the child will not get sick easily. This is different from children who are always kept. His body is not able to ‘fight’ if any, disease comes because it never ‘get acquainted’ with the source of the disease.

But keep in mind as our parents still provide signs to the extent to which children can play. Hopefully these steps can make your child’s health stay awake.


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