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As the aging process speeds up post 60, factors like maintaining a healthy weight apart from keeping muscle mass and focusing on bone health become important for optimum fitness. It is no longer about hours of intense gymming or trying fad diets, but a slow and steady attempt to supply your body with essential micronutrients, boost your immunity and strengthen yourself to age gracefully. (Also read: Fitness tips for older adults: 6 easy exercises for agility, balance in seniors)

Nutrition needs for elderly are different from those of young and one needs to eliminate certain foods like sugary items and processed foods completely. Also, if one finds it hard to chew certain foods due to decaying teeth, soups, khichdi and lentils are the best ways to increase intake of the nutrients.

Karishma Shah, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert shares fitness tips people should follow after the age of 60, on her Instagram page.

1. Rely less on convenience foods

Regularly eating convenience foods such as fast food, candy and processed snacks is associated with weight gain and may hinder your weight loss efforts. Convenience foods are typically high in calories and tend to be low in important nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

2. Strength training

While it is normal to lose muscle mass in old age, strength training can help reverse it. You should talk to a fitness expert to discuss age-appropriate exercises that build strength and endurance. A good muscle mass can also help you shed that extra weight.

3. Focus on body composition

Although body weight is a good indicator of health, your body composition which is the percentage of fat and fat-free mass in your body is important as well. Muscle mass is an important measure of overall health, especially in older adults. Packing on more muscle and losing excess fat should be your goal.

4. Improve your sleep quality

Not getting enough quality sleep may harm your weight loss efforts. Many studies have shown that not getting enough sleep increases the likelihood of obesity and many hinder weight loss efforts.

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