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E Cigarettes: A Quick Guide They say that old habits die hard, which is probably why some people find it very hard to stop themselves from smoking despite the public campaigns on the dangers and negative effects of smoking. Many companies shave also since many years ago began smoking cessation products to help with the campaigns. Among these cessation products include nicotine patches that could help with the quitting of nicotine addicts. Recently, a new product has been introduced to the market in the form of an electronic cigarette, otherwise known as electric cigarettes or e-cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes were made to feel as if you are still using the ordinary cigarettes, they look like it and even produced fake smoke despite the fact that it does not contain any amount of tobacco. When using the electric cigarette, the user actually inhales nicotine vapor, the one responsible for the smoke effect without the presence of carcinogens that causes the harmful effects on the human body. As for the parts of an electronic cigarette, one of them is the nicotine cartridge where the liquid nicotine can be found. When using the cigarette, the atomizer that is powered by battery will be the one to turn a small amount of liquid nicotine into vapor. Nicotine patches also have the same effect, however, the effect will take place after a couple of minutes, while with a cigarette, it would only need a few seconds.
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The strength of the nicotine cartridge can also be modified depending on the preference of the user. The usual strength levels are full, half and minimal. The primary purpose and design of the electric cigarettes is to aid the user in quitting their habit of smoking.
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Comparing electric cigarettes and nicotine patches, there are two primary differences. The first difference is the speed at which nicotine affects the user, the cigarette allows for a faster effect compared to the patch. The second difference is that, users have a hard time quitting because they usually miss the feeling of being able to inhale smoke from a cylindrical object. Another benefit of electric cigarettes is that it costs much less than the ordinary ones. When going to the market, it may be easy to find cheap, Chinese imitations. Usually, they cost half the price of the original electric cigarettes, but they do look a lot alike. Many would advise a user to not buy and use the imitations because of the possible dangers they may possess since there is a pretty good chance that these imitations were not tested and may therefore cause more harm than good to the user.