Five Lesser Known Health Benefits of Yoga Workout crazes come and go, but there is probably no other exercise program that is just as lasting as yoga. It’s been there for no less than 5,000 years, and it exists in over 100 various forms. What plenty of people don’t know is that yoga is capable of more than tone muscles or burn calories. It’s an overall mind-body workout that joins strengthening with stretching poses, performed with deep breathing and meditation. Generally, yoga enhances flexibility and controls stress, but it can do so much more than that. These not-so-popular benefits will help you in the multiple facets of daily life and present you five concrete reasons to practice the discipline: Better Sleep
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Researchers from Harvard saw that eight weeks of daily yoga substantially raised sleep quality for insomniacs. And another study proved that yoga sessions conducted twice weekly gave cancer survivors better sleep and less exhaustion. This can be traced to yoga’s ability to bust stress. Sleep disorders are just like anxiety. Your head is spinning, and you have no idea how to relax. Breathing and mental exercises relax your mind, so it won’t be long before you start noticing that you can now sleep better.
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Better Sexual Performance Based on studies, 12 weeks of yoga improves overall sexual performance of both males and females. How is this possible? Yoga on the physical level pumps up blood flow into the genital area, which is basic to arousal and erections, and makes the pelvic floor – also referred to as the “moola bandha” – stronger. Simultaneously, the breathing and mind control that the practice entails can also psychologically drive performance. Diet Management Researchers from the University of Washington found that consistent yoga practice is linked to mindful eating, which is simply a person’s consciousness of the emotional and physical experiences connected to eating. By encouraging breath awareness, yoga fortifies the connection between the body and the mind. Such awareness can make you understand the emotions behind certain cravings, and yoga breathing exercises can relax you so that you make smarter choices whenever your cravings hit. Migraine Management The source of migraines isn’t totally understood, but it might be a mishmash of mental stress and physical dissonance that creates this problem. Slumping over a cellphone or computer may lead to overlifting of the trapezius muscles, causing neck area tightening and possibly contributing to migraines. Immunity Booster Based on a new Norwegian study, yoga can bring about changes in gene expression in a way that heightens cellular immunity. And it won’t take long: the researchers saw the changes happening as the participants were in the middle of their session, and these changes were considerably greater than those which were observed in a control group that hiked in the woods, listening to relaxing music. In addition, yoga helps to boost immunity just by improving overall health.

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