Sperm Count Apps It is extremely important in all parts of life to have an increased or enough sperm count because this emits strong sexual presence for a man and at the same time, very useful when trying to impregnate your wife. Keep on reading to know how you can increase sperm count naturally. Eat right – your body is the reflection of what you eat and same thing is applied to both your sperm count and sexual life and thus, it is where everything starts. We can’t deny the fact that today, we’re living a fast pace life and thus, it has become common for people to dine in fast foods or eat on the go. Increasing the consumption of vitamin rich and natural foods as possible will be vital to be able to increase sperm count. Water – this is one of the best solutions to all health problems and help in increasing sperm count too. Be sure that you make the effort of drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day if not, more.
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Cut back on caffeine – soft drinks, coffee and the likes are all known to cause harm in the production of sperm in the long run. As a result, you should be drinking more water and stay away from these kinds of drinks.
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Cut back on alcohol – one of the worst you can drink with regards to human health and to sperm count too is alcohol. And in relation to this matter, avoid alcohol whenever possible in an effort to increase sperm count. Emotional stress – there are also emotional aspects that can affect sperm count aside from what you are eating and doing. If you are stressed mentally or suffering from depression, then expect to have low sperm count. Keep in mind that you can stay healthy if you have a healthy mind and for this, knowing how to keep both your mind and body healthy can do great things. If you want to know whether the aforementioned tips are really working for you, there are now sperm count app that you can download from your Android or iOS devices. These applications are made to help you count your sperm with ease. The sperm test is using a mini-microscope clip that’s attached on the top of your device and an app which enables it to access your cell phone’s light as well as recording capabilities. After that, you have to prepare a sample on slide, stick it to the clip and wait for a couple of minutes to see the result. As you are waiting, there are sperm count app providing trivia about sperms that can certainly light up your mood.

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