A Health Review: Vitamin B17 If you search on the internet for any of cancer prevention method the results you will be getting are vitamin B17. This comes as a surprise to many people because many of them have never heard of vitamin B17. Many people have heard of vitamin B and most of them take the vitamin B complex tablets daily. There are eight essential components of vitamin B. Most people do not have enough information about vitamin B17 because it is not one of the components of vitamin B. To get a clear understanding of what vitamin B17 is we will define it first. Vitamin B17 is chemically known as laetrile which is a purified form of amygdalin. Amygdaline is a substance that is mostly found in apricot seeds although you can still find it in other foods. The amygdaline can be inserted in our body by either taking a small amount of food that contains the apricot seeds or taking the apricot seeds by themselves. Amygdalins can also be taken in form of a pill if an individual is not comfortable taking the seeds. The pills are available in a concentration of either 100mg or 500 mg. The main purpose of vitamin B17 is preventing cancer and it is also known as Laetrile. There has been a record that has been kept which shows that if vitamin B17 is taken in concentrated amounts it can treat cancer. The main purpose of vitamin B17 is to prevent cancer but not to treat it. Another purpose of vitamin B17 is to destroy all the unwanted and bad cells that are formed in our body. The results of a research that have been conducted shows that our bodies often makes cells that are cancerous. The cancerous cells can be destroyed by taking vitamin B17 once in a while. Vitamin B17 contains a dangerous component cyanide that is locked away from the inside. It can get unlocked when latrine comes into contact with a cancerous cell. The cancer cells have an enzyme that can be used to unlock cyanide and then the cyanide comes out and it destroys the cancer cells. Once the cyanide has been produced a neutralizing substance is released and it prevents the cyanide from destroying the healthy cells. You stand no chance of getting cancer when you take vitamin B17 because the cancer cells are quickly destroyed by laetrile. Vitamin B17 is obtained from a fruit making it a natural substance. By taking vitamin B17 you will be preventing cancer naturally. Even when you are using the vitamin B17 tablets know that you are using a natural substance. It may seem strange that vitamin B17 is obtained from apricot seeds but that is the real place where it comes from.A Beginners Guide To Supplements

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