How Baggage From Your Divorce Can Ruin a Great Date After 50

Why lonely women after 50 hesitate to go and look for a new life companion, what barriers may appear on their way? Women rarely consider they might end up single at such an age, divorced and ready for dating again. But when it happens – they shouldn’t give up.

Many years of life with the same person weaken the seducing skill. It does not play in your favor when you finally find the strength and will to go on a first date after the divorce. People that go through a divorce after years of relationships, often behave worse than teenagers. It’s not their fault – that’s how relationships change people – but such behavior doesn’t raise your chances for a second date, right? So brace yourself and try dating older men here!

Common mistakes

  • Being too “yourself”. Through the years of family life, you got used to being relaxed with your beloved because they accepted you as you are. But with someone who doesn’t know you so well, you shouldn’t be too relaxed. Absurd habits you stopped to control years ago may spoil an impression about you!
  • Being too shy. Another extremity – the feeling of ever-present stiffness, which grows from the lack of confidence. It was all clear with your ex but who knows what to expect from a new person? It might be about appearance, hobbies, preferences in music, etc.
  • Comparing them to ex-beloved. It’s not the greatest idea to say such things on a first date as: “My ex-husband used a spoon for a salad instead of fork” or “My ex-wife had the same haircut five years ago!”. It is considered rude and disrespectful.
  • Talking about everyday life. Maybe you have had a pretty active family life so it will be difficult to avoid stories about it, but honestly, there is nothing more boring than listening to how good you are at cooking or how difficult it was to assemble the bed from IKEA by yourself. Such stories aren’t bad but it’s best to save them until later. Besides, by telling them, you might stumble upon the next mistake…
  • Often mentioning your ex. It’s difficult to talk about everyday life without mentioning your ex-wife or ex-husband: the word “we” will often slip out of your mouth all by itself, putting you in an awkward position, so better avoid it.

Yes, after a divorce you were not given a guide to arranging a new personal life. Perhaps, you feel empty and not ready for building new relationships. You might even give up your dream about a man that will love you forever and whom you will love back. But this is not right – people are born for friendship and love, after all. Nobody canceled dating for those after 50 and you have all chances to find an unusual, reliable, and interesting man.

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