A Guide to Using Melanotan 2 You can benefit from using melanotan 2 in a big way when you intend to tan your skin. This is a lab-made hormone that, when used, triggers a reaction within the body to cause a natural tan. The product is a tanning agent that can bring about a stunning skin tan that never needs exposure to sun rays, and it helps minimize the possibility of damage following too much skin contact with UV. If you’re a body builder, you may already be aware for the importance of melanotan in the advancement of darker pigmentation of the skin. But there are other many more good melanotan 2 benefits. Origin
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Researchers at the University of Arizona were the first to create melanotan 2 as a peptide for minimizing the risk of cancer. The scientists succeeded as they discovered that melanotan 2 may promote the production of natural melanin, a chemical that protects the skin and organs from the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation may cause. As an extra benefit, it was realized that the chemical could also enhance libido in people that didn’t find Viagra useful. Also discovered was the substance’s ability to decrease appetite and cause weight loss.
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Reasons for Using Melanotan 2 To get ready to compete on stage requires a level of meticulousness and appreciable time, if you’re a professional body builder. Maybe you already have a great muscle buildup and body definition, but you can accentuate that with a stunning tan that enhances the prominence of lines and definitions as they become more obvious before your audience and judges. Since melanotan 2 is now available, it may be used by bodybuilders who wish to enhance the natural synthesis of melanin and at the same time be safe from the dangers of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The use of the product in the lead up to a performance results in the cranking up of melanin levels, causing the skin to have darker pigmentation and tanning. Info on Dosage and Use Melanotan 2 is a delicate peptide that should be stored in a dry place away from exposure to light. But the effective use of this tanning product is dependent on the identification of the right skin type. There are many skin types, but a simple break down may help you understand what category yours is. If your skin is fair and barely tans, try 5-6 vials. If your skin type scotches despite tanning occasionally, 3-4 vials may do the trick. Two to three vials are recommended for a medium skin that sometimes scotches despite tanning all the time. Therefore, melanotan 2 is beneficial in body tanning, reduction of appetite, loss of weight, and libido enhancement.

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