A Weight Loss Guide

Many people want to lose weight in the fastest way possible and are generally excited when they utilize a weight loss service or product that gives them a fast weight loss immediately they start using it. While it may be entertaining to consider that they are using the correct product and that they can stick to using it and lose unwanted body weight, there is an alternative side to the accelerated weight loss that they experience.

After the quick initial weight reduction, it is frequently the case of several dieters who use such fast weight loss products that they begin giving up as soon as their fat loss reduces to nearly a snail’s pace. It would be a great thing if the reduction in body weight that they experienced was actually from the body fat but this is not always the case.

Losing body weight isn’t a difficult job, but getting rid of body fat is not as easy as it seems. The producers of these products are pretty much aware of this fact so that they can sell their products fast; however, they conveniently take advantage of their customers’ ignorance.
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A huge proportion of the weight lost through the first stage of utilizing the weight loss products is due to the water lost from body tissues because water makes up each cell in your body. Actually water makes up 70-75% of the fat-free mass while body fat comprises of just 10-40% water.
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During the early periods of taking the weight loss products, there is a reduction in the calorie intake and the body is forced to release and burn the glycogen it has stored to produce energy to compensate for the reduction in calorie intake. Glycogen is comprised of 25% glucose and 75% water hence when the glucose is broken down, plenty of water is released as a byproduct.

As a result, about 75% of the weight that one loses during the first stages of using fat loss products is mainly from water and muscle and 25% from body fat that is unwanted. Usually, the body loses around 4 to 5 grams of weight for each gram of glycogen that is burned. Because water is heavy when the body water is lost in this manner, the drop in weight is easily noticeable on the scale.

At the beginning of the diet program, the body goes right into a fat burning period hence one would weigh less than when the body is burning glucose for energy. Getting the right knowledge on the small details associated with losing weight like the idea of body water loss explained above helps those who’d want to lose weight to set realistic and better weight reduction targets.

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