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But people who haven’t any insurance coverage are at the mercy of the hospital, and so they should pay whatever the hospital prices them. To make issues worse, people often don’t understand how much they are going to be charged until after they’ve been handled. This begs the question of whether it’s fair for some individuals to pay way more for healthcare than those who are coated by insurance.

I used to be an inexpensive (insurance coverage) date. The only time I saw the physician most years was for my annual bodily. No Rx. No points. This year has completely changed my status. College Hospital and the docs have submitted payments for over $550,000 for my care. Millie and I now have one thing in frequent. No Insurance company would take us if that they had a alternative.

If we do not start having a serious discussion about these points then we will find yourself misplaced. To date it appears our society has remoted people and destroyed any sense of group we had. We’re so busy, either with work and making an attempt to make ends meet for our families, or we’re desperately attempting to numb ourselves with meaningless leisure and escapism. We hideout in our personal little bubbles and fail to develop lasting relationships with our local community.

Verify your bottle/label for refills. The prescription label should clearly state exactly how many refills your prescription has left. Note: It must also tell you when the prescription will expire (and thus can’t be filled) even when refills are left. Yes, that is right. Usually a prescription will expire in 1 12 months (sooner for some medication) and after this time it can’t be refilled no matter what number of refills are left.